Kitten Mew's Art

Art work from various briefs and personal interests.

Pretty little photo shop owl! HOOT
Cat illustration, sorry about the poor picture quality, had to take it with my phone :(
Indie ink cat! 

This is the story of cats 9 lives!

 A very hungry cat entered a house one day and found a plate of nine fish that were going to be eaten for dinner by the nine starving children who lived there. The cat was feeling a little selfish that day and ate up all of the fish in nine quick bites. With no food on the table, the nine starving children died of hunger the very next day, along with the cat who died from eating WAY too much. When the cat went up to heaven and spoke with God, God was so angry with the cat that he threw him out of heaven and made him fall for nine days all the way back to earth. To this day, the cat still holds the nine lives of the starving children in his belly, which is why he must die nine different times before he will stay dead.

medusaandthemirrors said: Didnt know you had a tumblr xx erin

Erin Larkey? Yeah I haven’t had it long so I’m a bit of a noob… xx

Hand drawing of a sweet little Owl! My current art project it The Owl and The PussyCat! Follow my blog for more owl and cat illustrations!
My new painting for mothers day!




Experimentation using various household and artists paints, applied using different appliances, including me.